Shashi Kapoor and Prithvi Theatre

Nirupama Rao's photo.

Went to Prithvi theater yesterday with family. We’re not the theater types but like the cafe. To our surprise we were joined by Shashi Kapoor in his wheelchair… So old, no speech, no movement… But fully aware of everything going on around, with a couple of attendants fussing over him like he was a baby in a stroller…. Initially it was disturbing to see him in this state, after seeing him as a singing, dancing superstar of his age (80s).
His wife Jennifer and he started the Prithvi theater and nurtured it with all their love and passion which was then taken over by their children, mainly Sanjana.
So he sat there for a long time… People were coming up to him, wishing him, congratulating him on his recent recognition- the prestigious Daddasaheb Phalke award, touching his feet, taking his blessings and pictures. He was taking it all in….indulging everyone… In fact he was soaking it up…the young vibrant energy of the place…looking with love at the hub of art and creativity that he and his wife (who sadly left him too early) had so lovingly created… It was as if he was living through the energy of this creation!!
It was a different and interesting experience…gratitude! heart emoticon…/prithvi-theatre.html


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