7th May, 2015

I just saw the movie Interstellar after a long wait….it was truly worth the wait. Its a movie that takes you to a place where science overlaps spirituality. I got a couple of messages from the movie…

a) Love is the only energy/ frequency/ force actually, that can cross borders and boundaries between all that separates human beings.

b) Human beings exist simultaneously in many dimensions. Past, present and future aspects of ourselves, all at once…so when we talk about connecting with our higher self, we are actually connecting with ourselves from the future!!! From a higher dimension!

This higher self can access our self from all stages of evolution and whenever required, tries to send messages and clues to the lower self from time to time…the more we are in touch with ourselves, the more we get the messages- from the future!!! Maybe even we send messages to our lower selves!!!

Isn’t it wonderful to even imagine?

This movie reinforced my belief in this very message that I have received from so many sources!!

It helped me to understand the human journey and evolution from a very expanded point of view…..

Thirsty for more spiritual messages from the movie? Here’s the link to another one that I liked!!


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