Our task is not to teach you our way of singing but to hear, understand, and join you in your singing. You have a special song for us. Grant us the patience, wisdom, and ears to hear.

In a letter from mother Gayle to daughter Lyrica

Page 9,

The Awetizm Experience


Oh High ones,

In our holy attempt to help you integrate into the neurotypical human society, help us to be aware of your divine essence, help us to protect your divine sanctity and help us to help you descend with ease and dignity.

And while you descend, you help the human community around you to ascend,

to ascend beyond judgment, beyond the need to be in control, beyond the need to be perfect,

to ascend into flowing freely,

into a world where blaming and complaining gives way to love, patience and understanding,

where fear gives way to trust.

Help us ascend back into a dimension where we nourish a deep respect for Nature within and without,

into a world of acceptance, where ‘different’ is normal,

where everyone is respected for bringing their unique gifts into this world….



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