Many non-verbal and some verbal autistic children even today are assumed to be intellectually challenged. It has been known for many years now that these children possess an intelligence beyond our comprehension. I have had the honor of experiencing this first hand. Many non-verbal children have started communicating today thanks to assisted communication like FC, RPM and in some instances, even telepathy. I have many times heard from mothers themselves that their children with autism sense their thoughts and are energetically connected to them. But these aspects are pushed away or ignored as a mother’s glorified fantasy about her own child…even by the mother herself!! Why? Because it is not “scientific” or because the children are not like the others. What science has discovered is only the tip of the iceberg. What lies beyond the frontiers of reality is much much more but people are afraid to open up and talk about it for the fear of being labelled as wierd or eccentric.

However, Children with autism are here and they are stubborn and determined that they want to introduce to us an aspect of ourselves that we are not familiar with….our intuition, our inner beliefs, our gut feelings, and our own perception and experience of truth…let us not ignore something just because it cannot be proved scientifically. Science can only prove what can be perceived with the senses. There is much much more to a human being that lies beyond the physical body….we are much more than what we can touch and feel and quantify. The truth is experienced as an undeniable inner reality by the heart. Once we have experienced it, there is no going back.

Here is an article by someone who has experienced the true reality of the being of autism. Once we open up to this possibility, we begin to honor who they are and will start to realize that autism is not just a different ability but it’s much much more than what we know it to be.

Many parents rejoice when they are told that their children are no longer on the spectrum. That is because they are not yet aware of the gifts of autism which unfold when the child is healed physically and grounded.

Once we open our hearts to this reality, many more real time examples will start to come our way….enjoy reading…even if you cannot understand….



Sometimes I feel prayer is a tricky thing….we think we know what we want but we are not aware what we need….but the universe knows what we need. Our soul knows what we need. The infinite wisdom of creation knows what we need. If I pray very strongly, the universe may grant what I want and not what I need?

Or does the universe use its discretion to fulfill only those wishes that are for the greatest good?!

When my daughter was trying for admission to various design colleges, we were praying that she should get through NID. But we also wondered if that was her soul choice! Was that the place she was meant to go? Where she would meet the people she needed to meet? Have the experiences which would lead her further on her destiny path?

We don’t know!! So how can we tamper with universal will? I know for sure, that when we pray strongly, God may just give in like a doting parent, “arre de do na, baccha hai…(oh grant it to her…she’s just a kid- in evolution)”

And the archangel may say ,”but Lord, that’s not wat she planned!!”

God says, “that’s ok…she will anyway learn…maybe she’ll just take a couple of more lifetimes!!”

I don’t want to linger for a couple more lifetimes just to have petty wishes and desires fulfilled… I’m a soul that wants to learn my lessons with mom earth and go back home to daddy asap!!

If getting that dream job is not going to help me solve my soul purpose, then I don’t want it. If marrying that handsome hunk is not going to help me learn the lessons I need to learn, then I don’t want him. If my soul demands that I take a break, care for myself and take stock of my life, then I should put away my conditioning and do just that. Else the universe may decide that ‘this woman will not take a break unless she falls sick. Hmmm’

How will I know what is best for me?

I feel there are a couple of ways to know… (According to my limited knowledge)

A) Being in touch with my higher self (who had already been here done that) and taking intuitive guidance. Not ignoring the strong inner voice.

B) Sticking to what feels right and true even if it is not what the society dictates.

C) To surrender to the universal wisdom that knows what is best for all concerned.

So I feel much safer to pray like this: ” dear universe let that happen which is for the highest good for all humanity and creation”. I don’t want to come in the way of my own destiny or the the greatest human good by praying for something that may not really be the best for me!!!

Who knows the universe has planned something bigger and better for us!!

This is just my opinion. Everyone may do what’s best according to them….

Let me leave you with this song ‘Dig a Little Deeper’ from the movie Princess and the Frog that I find so inspiring!!

Lyrics here:

Dig a Little Deeper

From “The Princess and the Frog”
Performed by Jenifer Lewis, featuring the Pinnacle Gospel Choir

Don’t matter what you look like
Don’t matter what you wear
How many rings you got on your finger
We don’t care
(No we don’t care)

Don’t matter where you come from
Don’t even matter what you are
A dog, a pig, a cow, a goat
Had ’em all in here (we had ’em all in here)

And they all knew what they wanted
What they wanted me to do
I told ’em what they needed
Just like I be telling you

You got to dig a little deeper
Find out who you are
You got to dig a little deeper
It really ain’t that far

When you find out who you are
You’ll find out what you need
Blue skies and sunshine guaranteed
You got to dig (dig)
You got to dig (dig)

Prince Froggy is a rich little boy
You wanna be rich again
That ain’t gonna make you happy now
Did it make you happy then? No!
Money ain’t got no soul
Money ain’t got no heart
All you need is some self-control
Make yourself a brand new start

You got to dig a little deeper
Don’t have far to go
You got to dig a little deeper
Tell the people Mama told you so

Can’t tell you what you’ll find
Maybe love will grant you peace of mind
Dig a little deeper and you’ll know

Miss Froggy, might I have a word?
You’s a hard one, that’s what I heard
Your daddy was a loving man
Family through and through
You your daddy’s daughter
What he had in him you got in you

You got to dig a little deeper
For you it’s gonna be tough
You got to dig a little deeper
You ain’t dug near far enough

Dig down deep inside yourself
You’ll find out what you need
Blue skies and sunshine guaranteed
Open up the windows
Let in the light, children
(Blue skies and sunshine)
(Blue skies and sunshine)
Blue skies and sunshine

Lots of love,