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The words that you will read below are not my words. They are words that are just coming through me. I have not special telepathic powers. I have no direct cognition of their thoughts passing through me. However I do have a strong sense of the truth behind autism with whom I have spent half my life and I feel it is my duty and responsibility to convey my truth to the world without holding back. I feel my only job is to be a channel and a voice for these wonderful magical souls with autism.

Only then can I do justice to this incarnation of mine on earth at this time. I am happy that more and more people are recognizing this truth today.

Imagination is the starting point for manifesting our destiny. Hence I’m using a format of imagination to narrate the story of Autism as I experience it. Fact or fiction, I leave that to you!!

(Please note the word Man has been used in the place of humanity. It does not denote gender)


Once upon a time, long long ago, God was…..

He just was… pure undivided consciousness. It was God un-manifest. He then wanted to be manifest. He set the process rolling with the sound OM. He created the stars, the planets and the galaxies.
Then he created life…the plant life, the animal life. He created the soul!!
He then wanted to complete the circle of creation. He created man…man, who through various struggles through various lives, would realise that the entire creation including the mineral, plants, animals and man himself were but a manifestation of the God himself and would finally merge back into God un-manifest. The circle would now be complete.
But god did not want to be the only creator. He gave man the power to co-create. He gave him the power of free will! He also gave him individuality….the power that would at once help man to be unique and that would also help him to feel one with the universe!! The power to separate and the power to unite!
At first, man was one with God, having been born of God Himself. He was one with all of creation and one with Nature. He would learn all he needed to know from the sky and from the earth.
Then one day man was borne out of man himself, and not of God any more…as epochs passed, the distance between God and man widened.
The advanced souls that were watching the goings on were beginning to get worried. “Father, they’re moving away from you!” they said. “Don’t worry” said God “when they connect with Mother Earth, they will remember their father, and Mother Earth will ensure that they do!” said God with a snicker.
God was quite happy that many souls were still finding their way back to Him. Then man created religion and mankind moved further away from God.
Then as the years passed, came kingdoms, and then industries and then technology.
By now, man completely forgot where he came from. He relied only and completely on science for all answers. He forgot to listen to that little voice in his heart…the direct hot line to God. He forgot to listen to Mother Nature’s cues.
He was stuck in the time warp of birth and death, having got caught in the sense pleasures that life on earth offered. Pleasure at any cost became the Mantra.
The co-existence, the inter-dependence, the symbiosis and the give and take between man and nature began to take a back seat. It was now all take, take, take, on the part of man. He forgot to nurture and nourish the Mother Gaia, the earth whose resources he was plundering.
Man was becoming invincible. He was intelligent. He was becoming a powerful creator himself. He created electricity that turned the days and nights upside down. He created advances in medicine that turned life and death upside down. He created machines that shrunk space and time.
With technology advancing, they did not even need a God!! Man had never experienced such abundance ever before. What man didn’t know was that he was being watched. He was being watched by the hierarchies- the old advanced souls that had moved beyond the cycle of life and death.
They could see man’s arrogance growing. Yet again. This was not new to the human civilizations. There were advanced civilizations before that swelled with so much pride and arrogance that they inevitably had to implode into decadence.
But the present bunch were different. They were at that epoch that had started moving humanity, inching them closer to their divine reality. There were groups of human beings that were ready to awaken. This was a strange time where spirituality and materialism were both peaking simultaneously. The old souls saw that with a little help, the balance could tip in the favour of divinity in the human being. The human race needed to raise its vibration to that critical mass where the entire race could then be moved to a higher epoch, a higher dimension. A major catastrophe of mass self-destruction and annihilation as had happened in the past could actually be prevented!!!
A group- a large group of souls in various levels of advancement, got together. They had a plan. They knew what the other was thinking.
Up in that spiritual realm that these souls inhabited, they did not have physical bodies. They were neither male nor female but were both. They were entities of energy that floated around sans gravity that belonged only to the earthly realm. They communicated with each other in the thought plane. Spoken language did not exist there. They were all made up of high vibrational energy and were connected to each other with a grid, a network so that when something affected one, they would all feel the impact. It was a beautiful world of eternal sunshine, colours unseen on earth, peace, joy and happy coexistence.
These groups of souls were preparing themselves to sacrifice all this to save mankind from tipping towards destruction and to move closer to an existence of a higher vibrational level, unlike the dark, heavy density of physical existence on earth.
They sought an audience with God, the creator and told Him of their plan to save mankind. They told Him of their plan to remind mankind of their true divinity. They will help humanity reconnect with Mother Nature so that they will remember Him again. They will fill their hearts with the pure vibration of unconditional love.
God reminded them that it was quite risky to go back to earth as even highly advanced souls have gotten sucked back in to the rigmarole of earthly pleasures.
This set the old souls thinking. There was a solution to this. There was a constitution which was chosen by some souls to resolve their past karmas, while at the same time it helped them to prevent accruing new karma. This was a constitution that ensured that they were immune to materialism and Ego. This would be the perfect vehicle for their mission as it would help them to stay strongly in touch with their divine selves by not incarnating too deeply into their earthly bodies. This constitution manifested in what was known as AUTISM. They could also be seen as Hyperactivity or sensory processing issues.
“We will leave a part of us with you oh Lord, so you can safe guard it. So that we don’t get lost!” they said.
God was quite intrigued with this plan. This could actually work!! But God was deeply worried about the pain that these souls would face as a result of not being fully in their bodies, for the earth was not what it used to be a few decades back! It was unclean, impure, and full of pollution, carbon foot prints, radiation and dangerous chemicals. It was a difficult and challenging time for souls who chose this constitution. It would cause immense pain and discomfort!
“Even better!” cried the old souls!! Mankind is wreaking havoc as they are not directly impacted by the destruction they are causing. But when they see that we, the New Children that are being born to them at this time are deeply impacted and hurt by their unconscious lifestyles, inhuman attitudes and materialism, they will sit up at take notice!! No one is affected by anything unless it happens to them or their loved ones!
We will choose human groups- parents, teachers, therapists, healers, light workers, earth crusaders that we feel are more ready vibrationally- those who have the capacity to see the truth of who we really are!!! Through them, we will go about our campaign of connecting the lost souls back to you Father God through Mother Earth- Gaia.
They will learn to grow pure food,
they will learn about the life rhythms,
they will relearn to peacefully coexist,
they will learn to purify their environment,
they will learn to love unconditionally,
they will learn to be their authentic selves,
they will learn to overcome their slavery to gadgets and technology, to be fully present for us,
they will learn to live in joy and peace, notwithstanding the challenges life throws at them as they have learnt acceptance, acceptance that everyone travels a different path,
they will learn to raise their vibration so that they can reach out to us, their dear little children who they will learn, are high vibrational, energetic beings,
they will learn that we all make one whole together- we are one, we are not really separate although we are unique!!
These will be the gifts that we will give them.
These gifts will bring them closer to you, their source.
No mother can see her child suffer oh Lord! She will seek, search, advocate and educate the community to understand, accept and adapt! She will call out to others who are ready to listen! WE, together with our mothers and the light workers will call out, in one voice to humanity.
Trust us Lord! Give us a chance, help us! Support us!”
Then God spoke “My dear children, it is time. It is time to awaken humanity to the next level of consciousness. They are this close! You will be the New Humans who will help make this shift happen! We will all work together to make this happen, I am with you. Your guardians and angels will always be there to help you and protect you. Mother earth will play her part in cleansing and purging. This may seem a little hard to digest, but it is necessary. I shower you all with my blessings for the great sacrifice you are all making to help humanity. I wish you all success!
So be it!!”
And so it was that large groups of children were being born…so sensitive that many factors could trigger their autism. But that was just a way to come into this existence. It was so alarming that it awakened large groups of people to think in their own way about what was happening and why it was happening.
These new children retained some of the privileges that they enjoyed back in their heavenly home….high vibrational energy bodies, telepathic communication, knowledge and wisdom, and energetic connections between each other to name a few. Their gifts and abilities stunned the humans who had never seen anything like that before!! Many of them had unimaginable memory, IQ and savant skills which were beyond normal human capacities. They started communicating- non-verbally about profound truths about love and God. Books were written and published.
Workshops and healing sessions were being conducted. People started talking about neurodiversity. Systems had to be changed to make it friendlier to different types of learners. Organic farming started becoming more popular. Alternative healing and educational methods were now in demand. People started losing their faith in conventional medical practices. Healthy practices and choices were now adopted for all, just the same. Lifestyles changed. Use of gadgets were limited, people started connecting more with Mother Nature.
Thus started the mammoth process and project of raising the vibration of the entire humanity.

People started to realize that these children were not disabled as they had mistakenly assumed, but were souls who were here to purify planet earth!


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