I’d like to borrow the image below to share my thoughts. For me the picture on the left represents autism. The picture on the right represents neurotypical.

Autism, no ego. NT, has ego (in this context, self or individuality).

Autism, exists in unity with all creation. NT experiences duality.

Autism is oneness- no boundaries. NT experiences separation.

Autism is affected by what happens to the ECO- the universe, to the earth, to the plants, animals and other people around them. Hence the sensitivities. NT exploits the earth to feed the EGO- the self.

EGO (the lower ego) is the cause of all the war, strife, poverty, terrorism and all the troubles in the world.

When we exploit the earth, we are not only hurting our new, sensitive children but also ourselves. The children feel it and we don’t. At least not immediately. Because the reality is that although we feel separate, we are not. We are as part of the ECO as the children are. But we don’t feel as such. So when we hurt anything outside of us, we are hurting ourselves.

It’s like the hand thinking that the leg is separate from it and hurts it for some reason. The leg hurts but the whole being feels the pain.

We only realize this on hindsight.

So the fact is that the picture on the right is our NT reality too and the one on the right is our illusion.

When we understand how we are all connected to the ECO, we learn to nurture the ECO and not the EGO. If we can get into the world of our children with autism, we can feel we’re part of the ECO. No duality, no separation, just oneness.

When we heal and nurture the earth, we heal and nurture our children and in turn ourselves.

Let’s heal the earth and be one with each other. That is the message of Autism for me.

Can we consciously dissolve our EGO to become a part of the ECO?

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