Our country has come a long way in terms of a woman’s progress and men’s changing attutudes.

But the journey is not over. Women are still not safe.

Tanvi’s article has faced a lot of criticism for generalising.

A woman would have been criticised in the past century for fighting for voting rights and for education. But she succeeded.

Today she fights for safety…hopefully much before the next century the woman and the girl child will be safe…..

Proud of Tanvi to have the courage to publish this …..what some of these women are saying may not be serious enough or agreeable to many….but what this article covers is but the tip of the iceberg…..there’s a lot more disturbing stuff happening which we can’t even dare to hear about. Scary stuff happens out there and people close their eyes and ears.
As I was thinking about Tanvi’s article, I accidentally came upon a very disturbing video on Facebook which left me rattled.

A woman is being stripped and molested in broad daylight and the incedent is being videotaped with 20 men watching as she’s crying for help. Not one “MAN” comes to help her or save her.
I speak for all those women and children who are being harassed, molested, eve teased, raped, violated, bought, sold, beaten and abused.
I speak for 2 and 3 year old girl babies who are being brutally gang raped and thrown in the gutter….what for? For a moment of pleasure?

I speak for female infants snuffed out in the womb or soon after they’re born.


I want us to create an India where a father Respects his wife in the presence of his children.
I want us to create an India where a mother teaches her son to respect other women.
I want us to create a world where a woman is respected as a human being and not treated as a commodity to be used and thrown.
I want us to create an India where a woman can walk freely in the streets….burkha or no burkha.                      I want us to create an India where every girl child has a right to life and a right to education.                                                           I want an India where women are remunerated on the basis of their skill and not gender.

Am I wanting too much?

I don’t think so. As a mother of two girls, I want them and all girls in all parts of the  world to be free, safe, respected, and valued.

Nirupama Rao