Time with Myself

I have been constipating sorry contemplating on this post for a long time…it’s about spending time with ourselves…
Long ago when we were doing the Steiner Education course, the teacher asked us where it is that we spend real, quality time with ourselves….we all came up with different answers…in the morning with a cuppa, while walking, on the bus and so on. But the answer that our teacher was leading to was the toilet seat…This is the most private and sanctimonious place where we spend quality time with ourselves.
I have often called this IP- Inspiration point. This is where I pick up all my brilliant ideas from the thought ether.
Sadly, this Sanctum Sanctorum of our inner world has now been taken over by the virtual world….we now take the mobiles with us into this only place in the world where we would commune with our inner selves…we take other people into the toilet with us. We WhatsApp, we browse, watch tv shows, read, talk, and what not….we are losing connect with ourselves….that is the saddest side effect of technological progress I guess….

(Pic courtesy: googlespeak.deviantart.com/art/Cell-phone-On-Toilet-Thinker-394535695)