Unconscious Childhoods

Yesterday I was watching a group of little kids…all four of them 7 years and under, accompanied by a young adult. They were waiting for an autorickshaw. The minute they found one, I was amazed to see the excitement and enthusiasm with which they piled into the rickshaw. All that enthusiasm and excitement gets jaded as the children grow into adults.
Even when adults are excited about something they may restrain their emotional expression because they are conscious of the others around them and that is normal. That’s how it is.

And when they do express excitement without holding back, we describe it as childlike enthusiasm.

The beauty of childhood lies in its unconsciousness.

As we grow we become conscious and awake.

What is important is to protect and preserve that unconsciousness, that is a gift of being a child for as long as we can.
Let us try and not awaken them with

too much information,

Scientific facts,

too much camera exposure too early,



store bought toys,

too many structured activities,


early academic pressure, etc.,

that steal children of their innocence and unconsciousness. This often leads to precociousness, physically and mentally.

As adults, let us awaken and be conscious to preserve the children’s unconsciousness for as long as possible and allow them to be children at least until they are teenagers.

Much love,