What is Eurythmy?

Some of us born in the 70s and 80s may be familiar with the haunting number ‘Sweet Dreams’ by the band Eurythmics. But have you heard of Eurythmy?


Eurythmy is an art of movement introduced by philosopher Dr Rudolf Steiner in 1912 that helps in the development of the body mind and soul.
Eurythmy is known as visible speech because it expresses in movement the various sounds including consonants, vowels, colours, musical tones and much more with the human body as the instrument.

When performed in the right and regular way, Eurythmy brings balance in the four sheaths of our being namely physical body, etheric body (life force), astral body (soul or emotional aspect) and I consciousness (Sense of self).

Eurythmy works on the etheric plane and strengthens the life forces.
In Waldorf schools eurythmy is used as a pedagogical tool, as part of their curriculum. In addition to nutritious food and adequate sleep, Eurythmy helps children (and adults too) build their vitality, immunity and gives them strength and resilience besides helping them learn consonants and vowels in a lively way through movement.

As a performance art Eurythmy is very appealing with its flowing movements and colourful robes and veils. It is very healing to even just watch a Eurythmy performance.

Under the guidance of an anthroposophic doctor, Curative eurythmy is used as complementary therapy in treating illnesses from cancer to allergies to asthma to psychatric illnesses, metabolic illnesses and so on.

Eurythmy helps us to become socially and spatially conscious when performed as a group by learning to become aware our own boundaries as well as to respect the space and boundaries of the others.

For people who find it difficult to do a sitting meditation with closed eyes and focusing on the breath, Eurythmy serves as a good alternative as it can be used as a dynamic, moving meditation done with the eyes open and with full consciousness.

Eurythmy helps us to connect with the external world of nature and universe in a deeper way by seeing the interconnections between the universe and the human being especially in terms of the elements.

It helps us to understand that the universe is an expanded human being and that the human being is a condensed Universe.
Eurythmy expands our world view.


Nirupama Rao

Acknowledgements: My Eurythmy Gurus Dilnawaz and Aban Bana, and my friends Minal and Shalu who were instrumental in making me write this article.