On Perfection

May 7th, 2015FB_IMG_1433509991678

 The other day I was travelling by car and was trying to brush off this recurrent and nagging thought which didn’t give me a good feeling about myself. Then suddenly I saw this beautiful bougainvillea tree. The first thought that came to me when I saw it was that it’s so perfect- and it doesn’t even know it. The minute it becomes aware of its perfection, it would cease to be so.

I then remembered what Dr Michaela Glöckler said in one of the IPMT s.

Of all the kingdoms that is, mineral, plant, animal and human, the human being is the most highly evolved and yet at the same time, the most imperfect.

The minerals, plants and animals are so perfect!! One can’t find anything wrong with them. But perfection ends there…human beings cannot be perfect. That’s because it is the essence of the human being to be unique.

But unfortunately…the higher aspect of the human being- his free will- interferes with this perfection and renders this too imperfect.

Dr Michaela said that a human being has to strive all his life to attain the perfection of the lower kingdoms….a human being can only be perfect when he is one with the great expanded consciousness of the natural world….as a baby, as a person with autism or other intellectual or developmental challenges or as a Perfect Master who has found his way back to the perfection of the universe…..