fEBRUARY 6, 2011

 I just read ‘The Horse Boy’ given to me by Sangeetha and realised something. The father Rupert Isaacson decides to take his son to Mongolia to seek the help of the shamans to help his son with Autism and it works for him. However, it doesn’t mean that other parents also should try going to Mongolia. But what it means according to me is that every parent looks for his or her own path in trying to help the child. This search is a spiritual quest for every parent which is highly individual guided by the karma of the parent and the child. The very quest itself is the end as it depends on the attitude and intention with which the parent makes this journey…is it with love, joy, being in the present moment or enjoying being with the child, with faith, with conviction?. The outcome or the end result becomes less important than the journey itself…for the real outcome of positive intentions may or may not be limited to this lifetime, but lasts for eternity

The Horse Boy



 February 6, 2012

According to our Vedas and scriptures, we all take birth in the school of life called ‘Earth’. We choose our various experiences in order to learn and evolve. The tougher the challenges, the greater the learning. But the minute we are born, we forget our true purpose and when we meet the very same challenges that we have ourselves chosen, we say ‘why me?’, and become bitter.

But when we remember that we are the creators of our destinies,  instead of becoming bitter about it and risking a downward slide, we take on life’s challenges with a positive and ‘grateful acceptance’. We face them with graceful and calm courage that helps us in our true spiritual endeavor- to grow and evolve…